[At-Large] Mailing list subscriptions

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Mon Feb 20 16:59:14 UTC 2017

The flurry of un-subscription requests is attributable to two things 
happening in close proximity:

1. We have just recently finished compiling and verifying our lists 
of ALS primary and secondary representatives. All of those who were 
not already subscribed were added to the ALAC-Announce, and their 
respective RALO list as well as the At-Large list. They received 
"Welcome" messages, but perhaps did not understand why. I believe 
that unaffiliated members of the RALOs that have them were also subsribed.

2. A message about Board candidate questions and answers was sent out 
to the At-Large, ALAC-Announce and all RALO lists resulting ins some 
people receiving three copies. In retrospect, perhaps we should not 
have been quite that enthusiastic in which lists it was sent to.

According to the ALAC E-mail Guide 
(http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-E-MailGuide-Sept2013), ALS Representative 
must be subscribed to the ALAC-Announce list and their RALO list. 
At-Large is optional.

All Welcome messages include an unsubscribe link. Due to the 
requirement mentioned above, ALS representative should not be able to 
unsubscribe from the ALAC-Announce list and their RALO list without 
staff approval, but as it happens, that option is not currently set 
correctly and if any of these people had tried to unsubscribe, it 
would have worked.

In light of the present discussion, the ALAC will be reviewing the 
mailing lists and their uses in the near future.

Alan Greenberg
Chair, ALAC

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