[At-Large] I am sending this because I didn't look at the unsub link in every message

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon Feb 20 07:37:06 UTC 2017

> But Remmy, I think we need to know as a community that people are disengaging 
> and find out why. If we actually had a comprehensive system, an unsubscribe 
> click could be responded to with a 3 question survey and an opportunity to 
> write a full statement if the person has a specific reason.

Which I can promise nobody would do beyond checking the box that says "yes 
I really want to unsubscribe" and maybe "too much mail."  I realize that 
some people think web discussion fora are great, but expect I am not the 
only one here who has no interest in visitng a dozen web whatsits every 
day so if I can't get it as mail, forget it.

I sort of hate to bring up user education, but every mail program in the 
world has fairly easy ways to sort list mail into separate folders, which 
lets you read it when you want.  Evidently a lot of people can't don't 
think it's worth the 30 seconds needed to do that, so I think the real 
problem is that there is vanishingly little signal on this list.  Most of 
it is administrative chitchat that most people don't care about, and much 
of what's left is random tangents unrelated to anything ICANN might do 
(something of which I am far from innocent.)

So on the principle of not saying anything when I have nothing to say, 
I'll stop now.


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