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Hi Garth

That isn’t sarcastic - it’s sad.  I am not talking about a big grand plan.  I am talking about a discussion on the lists - what are they, who uses them, is there a better way.  It could be a simple as eliminating one of the lists, or better labelling the lists, or simply putting a better subject heading.  Please let’s not step away from what may be small reforms because we have decided it is all too hard, and ICANN will can it.

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> Holly,
> This is going to sound sarcastic but it is simply factual. Me, Seun, and everyone else could collaborate and come up with a great plan and as soon as we try to move forward it will be taken over by some icann division and either get shelved, bloated, or made ineffective. This has already happened several time before with too many at-large projects.
> -Garth
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> On Feb 19, 2017 2:34 PM, Holly Raiche <h.raiche at internode.on.net> wrote:
> Folks
> A great discussion on this list - making some really important points.  So instead of letting the matter drop (as is so often the case), make this an item for discussion at CPH - and allow plenty of time.  How do we communicate, can we do better and how.  
> So maybe review what some of us know - what are the lists, how are they used (or not), when people unsubscribe, do we try to find out why, is there a better way to communicate - by topic?  And Dev, Garth, Seun and everyone - could there be a page or so - to that list and staff, saying this is a better way and this is how to do it.
> We are starting the Review comments - and how we communicate (and how we could do it better) is clearly something that should be one of the  top items on that agenda.  So let’s actually make our communications structures better rather than just complain
> Thanks everyone 
> Holly
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> Oh good, then we can agree.
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