[At-Large] [ALAC] Idea for an alternative to the EMM proposed in the At-Large Review

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Wed Feb 15 22:31:23 UTC 2017

If the objective is to manage an infrastructure of chapters in each country
and to produce policy input to ICANN, why not just outsource that entire
task to ISOC which already has this all in  place (which also means giving
the At-Large maintenance budget to ISOC)? I have yet to encounter a realm
in which ISOC HQ, its chapters and ICANN At-Large writ-large are
significantly out of sync on ICANN directions.

At the end of the day, beyond the structures and assemblies and brochures
and georegional politics ... the goal of this whole exercise is to

   1. Provide policy input to ICANN indicating (with at least a good-faith
   stab at accuracy) needs and impacts relating to its activity that affects
   global end-users (ie, "the billions")

   2. Provide said global audience with enough quality information about
   ICANN activity to enable its policy input to be well informed.

Until we get back to Karl's desired return to direct elections by the
public of the Board (with which I agree), this is the limit of what the
existing structure is able to do. The rest of it is, generally speaking,
window dressing and diversionary in feel-good way.

- Evan
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