[At-Large] Possible RALO Petition Process to Suggest Additional ICANN Board Director Candidates Selected by the At-Large Community

Robert Guerra rguerra at privaterra.org
Tue Dec 20 01:00:51 UTC 2016

Not sure if I have standing, to say this - but would highly encourage 
the use of this mechanism to discuss and perhaps add one or more 
additional female candidates to the pool to bring a gender balance to 
the slate.



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On 19 Dec 2016, at 15:02, Program Admin wrote:

> Dear Regional At-Large Organization (RALO) Members,
> As per Section 19.9 of the ALAC Rules of 
> Procedure<http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-2016-09>, the Board Member 
> Selection Process Committee (BMSPC) is informing RALOs their 
> opportunity to start possible petition process and suggest adding to 
> the Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC) Slate other Candidates 
> who have submitted Expression of Interests (EoIs) for the ICANN Board 
> Director position. The successfully petitioned Candidates, who have 
> received support through a formal vote of at least three of the five 
> RALOs, will be included in the Final Slate. As the culmination of the 
> ICANN Board Director selection process, the BMSPC will organize an 
> election among the Final Slate of Candidates, and the electorates will 
> be At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Members and Regional At-Large 
> Organization (RALO) Chairs.
> Background
> Seat number 15 of the ICANN Board of Directors is dedicated to a 
> member selected by the At-Large Community. This seat is currently 
> occupied by Rinalia Abdul Rahim, who assumed the position at the end 
> of ICANN51 (2014 AGM). Her 3-year term will be completed at the 
> closing of ICANN60 (2017 AGM).
> Pursuant to Section 19 of the ALAC Rules of 
> Procedure<http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-2016-09> (version adopted on 20 
> September 2016), the At-Large Community process for selecting the next 
> Board Director began in September 2016, with the appointment of the 
> Chairs and Members of the BCEC and the BMSPC.
> The BCEC is responsible for outlining Candidate requirements and 
> expectations, calling for and evaluating EoIs, and compiling the 
> (initial) BCEC Slate of Candidates for the Board Director position. 
> The BMSPC oversees the entire selection process for the At-Large Board 
> Member, including the development of the selection timeline and the 
> election finalizing the process. To learn more information, please 
> visit their workspace<https://community.icann.org/x/Vxi4Aw>.
> This selection process is planned to be completed by Friday, 21 April 
> 2017, with the announcement of the successful Candidate on that date. 
> The successful Candidate will serve for a 3-year ICANN Board Director 
> term starting at the end of ICANN60. View the detailed timeline 
> here<https://community.icann.org/x/ORq4Aw>.
> List of All Applicants & BCEC Slate of Candidates
> By the deadline of 18 November 2016 at 23:59 UTC, the following six 
> Applicants have submitted completed EoIs. The Applicants, listed in 
> alphabetical order of the last name, are:
>   *   Sebastien Bachollet (France)
>   *   William Michael Cunningham (United States)
>   *   Hago Dafalla (Libya)
>   *   Alan Greenberg (Canada)
>   *   Nigel Phair (Australia)
>   *   Leon Felipe Sanchez Ambia (Mexico)
> On 16 December 2016, the BCEC concluded its Candidate Evaluation 
> process and announced that the following Candidates will be named as 
> the (initial) BCEC Slate of Candidates, be automatically included in 
> the Final Slate, and go forward to the next stage of the selection 
> process organized by the BMSPC. The Candidates, listed in alphabetical 
> order of the last name, are:
>   *   Alan Greenberg (Canada)
>   *   Leon Felipe Sanchez Ambia (Mexico)
> Possible RALO Petition Process
> Pursuant to Section 19.9 of the ALAC Rules of 
> Procedure<http://tinyurl.com/ALAC-RoP-2016-09> (version adopted on 20 
> September 2016), the BMSPC process involves the option of possible 
> petitions by RALOs to suggest adding Candidates to the Final Slate. 
> RALOs can only suggest Candidates who had previously submitted an EoI 
> to the BCEC during the current selection process; namely, the six 
> Applicants listed above. Candidates will be added only if they receive 
> support through a formal vote of at least three of the five RALOs; 
> each RALO shall vote according to its respective rules. Subsequently, 
> the Final Slate of Candidates will proceed to an election by the ALAC 
> Members and RALO Chairs, which is culmination of the ICANN Board 
> Director selection process.
> Possible RALO Petition Process starts from now. Please note the 
> following two deadlines:
>   *   By Thursday, 19 January 2017 at 23:59 UTC, each RALO willing to 
> add Candidates to the Slate should have identified additional 
> Candidates and notified the BMSPC.
>   *   By Sunday, 29 January 2017 at 23:59 UTC, in case of petition, 
> all RALOs should have decided whether they support any suggested 
> additional Candidates and notified the BMSPC.
> Kindly note that RALOs have the option to identify and/or support 
> additional Candidates but are not required to do so, if they believe 
> that only the BCEC Slate of Candidates should be in the Final Slate.
> On Tuesday, 31 January 2017, the Final Slate of Candidates, who will 
> proceed to the election, will be announced and their EoIs will be 
> published without disclosing their personal/private information.
> Next Steps
> On 12 January 2017, a Single Purpose Cross RALO call will be organized 
> for RALOs to discuss the BCEC Slate of Candidates and the option of 
> suggesting additional Candidates. Call details and other relevant 
> information will follow.
> Any questions regarding the process should also be directed by email 
> to 
> program-admin at atlarge.icann.org<mailto:program-admin at atlarge.icann.org>. 
> They will be answered as quickly as possible.
> On Behalf of Tijani BEN JEMAA, BMSPC Chair
> Heidi Ullrich, Ariel Liang, Terri Agnew, and Yesim Nazlar
> At-Large Board Member Selection Program Admin Staff
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