[At-Large] Is the .FOOD poisoned?

Eve Edelson eveedelson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 23:46:25 UTC 2016

If I understand the situation, and the point made above, that seems both
true and (mildly) worrisome. Any entity that could 'grab' such a gTLD could
become the funnel for trusted content in that category.

> ​Thanks for the comments, Eve.​
> ​Interesting your use of the word "trusted" .

I took my cue from the phrase 'public trust' :
"And you won't likely find scammers and spammers under a closed gTLD so it
might actually gain more public trust than conventional "open" ones...."

And I take your remark below as a good one:

> I can't think of how an open gTLD (in which anyone could buy a subdomain)
> would be more trustworthy than a brand with a reputation to protect and the
> ability to play gatekeeper. But I could see the reverse.

I guess in the end I am responsible for due diligence when gleaning content
from someguyontheinternet.com (which I checked just now and is taken, oh
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