[At-Large] Cruz' revenge

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Tue Oct 4 15:09:22 UTC 2016

>> It is the first time that happened since the creation of ICANN. A quick risk analysis would say: <>
>> - That custody during transport is not for ICANN
>> - That duplication is not necessary
>> - There was a very quick response
>> - ICANN is working with transparency and accountability in solving critical problems, with costs adjusted as necessary to maintain the operation.

Agreed.  This is a very unusual problem, and ICANN is taking reasonable 
action to deal with it.

Some of the people here appear to be suggesting that ICANN should have two 
or three sets of the 100 tons of stuff they send to meetings, or perhaps 
that they should run their own shipping line.  I can promise that the 
Register would be full of stories about "A peek inside ICANN's million 
dollar warehouse of cables."

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