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Hello Roberto,

Please tell me the first question is "pun intended" ;-) As to the second;
well I understand it's prudent to have backup of network services/data but
what does having a backup of over 100 tons of hardware mean? I think it
definitely will mean a lot of redundancy resulting to a waste of resources
as well.

As I note from the announcement[1], looks like a number of the devices has
been replaced. The remote hubs will be the major hit. I can imagine the
ICANN tech are working around the logistics.


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On 3 Oct 2016 18:21, "Roberto Gaetano" <roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com> wrote:

> http://domainincite.com/21067-ship-explosion-takes-icann-
> gear-out-of-action
> Two questions:
> ·         We always talk about disaster recovery, duplication of
> resources, etc. Why did we not put in place these measures? The question
> will now be “if those folks cannot secure their own equipment, how can they
> be trusted to take care of the Internet?”
> ·         What will be the real impact for the meeting? I cannot believe
> that we do not have backup solutions, as Murphy implies.
> We live in interesting times indeed. Brings me back to 1998, when CORE
> servers were stolen.
> Cheers,
> R
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