[At-Large] On a "consumer" agenda for ICANN

Garth Graham garth.graham at telus.net
Wed Sep 14 18:47:50 UTC 2016

This is a footnote to this thread, particularly with respect to the discussion of consumer vs end-user.  In the following article, James Losey and Sacha Meinrath describe the role of the “Digital Craftsperson.”  They then use the idea of the Digital Craftsperson as a lens to analyze threats to the Internet’s continued existence as an open system:

James Losey and Sacha Meinrath. IN DEFENSE OF THE DIGITAL CRAFTSPERSON. Journal of Peer Production.

It occurs to me that, although the phrase is awkward, it points to a particular type of end-user that might better be the objective of ALAC attention.  In community networking, we call such people the stewards of the uses of ICTs for community development.  In fact, supporting just such people is the primary mission of many ALSs.  It certainly is for Telecommunities Canada.  Might a narrowing of the idea of the end-user down to those who play an active role in the evolution of end use towards social ends help with framing ALAC’s real role?


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