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FYI -- this issue is of importance.

The ICANN community has worked for a long time on this transition. The
ALAC has ratified the plans for transition. Now it's time for the US
Congress to pass it through, but Acts have been proposed at US Senate
and Congress to block it. This message is for US citizens who are part
of At-Large to let their representative know they oppose the Acts to
block the transition. Of course, in your initiative, identify yourself
as a member of the At-Large Community, the end users at ICANN.
Kindest regards,


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Saw this on the NCSG list and thought might be relevant info here as
well. US citizens here may also want to do the needful.


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    Hello everybody,


    Next week is a crucial time in the life of the transition. The
    administration needs to notify Congress by September 15th of it's
    intention to proceed. Although a high priority issue for a few
    Congressmen in the so called House Freedom Caucus, the transition
    is something that has really flown under the radar for most Senators
    and Representatives.


    I'd like to tell everyone in the NCSG that the United States
    Congress cares about what you think. It does not. Individual
    Congresspersons, though, do care what their constituents think -
    that's where we need your help.


    American members of the NCSG, both institutions and individuals,
    it's time to let your elected representatives know what you think of
    the transition. The best way to do this is to call Washington and
    tell your Senator, Representative or their staff person what you
    want them to do regarding the elimination of US government
    stewardship of the internet through the IANA contract.

Please today please call your Senator or Representative,  or preferably
both, today and tell them that:
1. You, or your organisation, are active members of the ICANN community
representing noncommercial users,
2. You support the transition of the internet from the US government to
the multi-stakeholder community (if you do),
3. (For Senators) You oppose S3034, the mis-named Protecting Internet
Freedom Act, or
4. (For Representatives) You oppose HR 5329, the Securing America's
Internet Domains Act of 2016,
You can reach your Senator or Representative through the Capitol
switchboard at 202-224-3121.
If you do not know your representative you can obtain his or her
identity here: 

    Expat Americans should contact the Senator and Representative of the
    district where you currently cast your remote  ballot in elections
    (or where you last resided, if you do not currently vote in the
    United States).


    In addition, please call the Secretary of the Department of Congress
    Penny Pritzker at 202-482-2112 and:

    1. Identify yourself, your affiliation and that you are an active
    member of the ICANN community representing noncommercial users and that

    2. you support the transition (if you do)  and expect the Department
    of Commerce  to proceed as scheduled at the end of this month and
    not extend the current IANA contract or propose a new one.

The time to talk is over: Americans. If you want he transition to occur
the time to act is *today. Not Monday, today. *The way to act is by
calling, not writing. The impact is much greater.
Thank you for your consideration.
Ed Morris
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