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Sorry for replying late, for I just got back from extensive traveling and starting to sort out my emails.

Regarding setting up a national multi-stake holder structure, I agree that it depends on the circumstances.

Take China's Internet Society of China (ISC), it is indeed a multi-stakeholder structure.  It is composed by Internet corporations, including gaint ones like Tencent and Alibaba as well as those with only a few employees, and scholars of the Internet field to represent consumers' interest.  It also receives backing of the China Ministry of Industries and Information Technology (MIIT), although none of its funding is provided by the government.  So far, ISC is the largest and maybe only organization representing China's huge Internet involvement, both domistically and internationally.

The reason that ISC was built into a multi-stakeholder organization is not only because all organizations must be registered with the government and face extensive scrutinies in order to become legal.  Furthermore, as the government puts everything under control, there is absolutely no way to sue government policies in court.  It is also next to impossible for consumers to sue Internet corporations, especially large ones, for mis-treatments.  Instead, ISC plays the role of mediating among the consumers, the industry and the government.  In this regard, scholars play an important role.  They not only represent consumers' interest, but also advise the government on improving policies, advise corporations on better business practices, as well as guide consumers on their expectations.  For these reasons, ISC is well recognized thruout the country in about all issues in relation to the Internet, especially when consumers' interest is involved.

Early this year ISC was approved to become an ALS of the At-Large community.  This is because, the spirit of Al-Large being composed by consumers is to protect their interest and to present their voices.  However, in the China environment, nobody else but ISC plays that role and does it effectively.  Thus, being multi-stakeholder is one of ISC's greatest advantage instead of a defect.

Hope that this info could be of some help to you and others.

Best regards,

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  Hi all.

  I have sent a specific message on this subject to the EURALO list, but I am realizing that what I am looking for is not limited to Europe, so I am replicating this to the global list.


  I am particularly interested in efforts to establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level.

  I understand that in Germany there is an ongoing effort to build this type of initiative.

  Is this correct? How can I get more information?

  Generally speaking, would it be a good idea to share the information that we have from different countries?

  Maybe there are some ALSes that work locally on this subject, and it would be good to know more about it.




  PS: I know that our Armenian ALSes are active on this, and I am already in contact with them 


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