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Maybe I did not make myself clear. I never advocated the *urge* to establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level. However, since I recognize that there are attempts to "establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level", I would like to know what those initiatives are.
Also, I am with you when you claim, if I have understood correctly your line of thought, that it is not true that one size fits all. What I am looking for is to collect information about the different ways in which different geopolitical and social environments tackle this issue - including the "we don't care" or "we do nothing" approaches, that are perfectly legitimate.
IMHO, the collection of this information goes exactly in the opposite direction of blindly endorsing Brazil's CGI model as a universal model: it is just an attempt to understand what is already happening.

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in many countries it is desirable to postpone the urge to "establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level." They may create capture targets with no benefit in exchange if done prematurely.

That is the case in several Latin American countries where we have loosely organized working groups, and meetings we have chosen to call "Dialogues on Internet Governance", avoiding any premature crystallization and even the word "Forum." To the best of my understanding we started this trend in Mexico and it has had echo in Argentina.

Fadi Chehade for a time tried to convince many, especially in governments, to emulate Brazil's CGI. The model may work well in Brazil, due to local circumstances and history (Vanda will tell us more - it was started by her in a visionary way in the Cardoso government period) but other countries have very different circumstances.

In particular if many of the IG problems are being solved by relevant stakeholders on a heuristic basis, the more commprehensive structure may actually cause a wreck. Among other reasons: attempts to capture (by government or others), a scramble for budget and seats, lack of balance, lack of access to the actually relevant actors - briefly, an example: an ISP may or an NGO may need to send very different representatives to a meeting on spma than to a meeting on "right to be forgotten."

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Thanks, Seun, this is an excellent start, I will also have a look at the 2015 reports.
I would also be interested in whether some analysis has been made to compare the local initiatives - I am sure that every country approaches this issue in a different way.

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The URL below has references to national and regional IGFs:



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Hi all.
I have sent a specific message on this subject to the EURALO list, but I am realizing that what I am looking for is not limited to Europe, so I am replicating this to the global list.

I am particularly interested in efforts to establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level.
I understand that in Germany there is an ongoing effort to build this type of initiative.
Is this correct? How can I get more information?
Generally speaking, would it be a good idea to share the information that we have from different countries?
Maybe there are some ALSes that work locally on this subject, and it would be good to know more about it.

PS: I know that our Armenian ALSes are active on this, and I am already in contact with them

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