[At-Large] IGF Germany

Renata Aquino Ribeiro raquinolistas at gmail.com
Mon May 16 02:34:41 UTC 2016

Dear Roberto, Vanda, all

Glad to be able to help in the theme of building multistakeholder
organizations in national and regional levels.

I can speak from my own personal perspective, as the IGF MAG is a
varied group and Secretariat is in the position to provide better
information on a historical perspective.

Personally, I started participating in national initiatives in the
"Brazilian Internet Forum", which is the name given in the country to
the national IGF.

After that and other events I became involved in ICANN. The idea of
building an ALS in my region is a possiblity I've been investigating.
Also one of the reasons my first involvement was in LACRALO.

So, I'd definitely recommend getting to know the experiences with the
group participants of the NRIs (National and Regional Initiatives),
some of them are well known ICANNers and I guess are on this list.

You can also easily access reports of their dialogues through the IGF website


There is also a mailing list


Another issue is exactly what the "R" stands for. You may think of
building "national" organizations but some countries may not really
have the status of state or some regions may want to organize
themselves independently (as they may be hindered by) their own

So, the multistakeholders which will be involved with the new
organization (the ALS) may also be defined by the idea of "national"
initiative you have and which audience do you want to reach.



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