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That is a good inititave. I am copying a member of MAG here from Brazil and from LACRALO as well to think about this together.
Thank you Roberto

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Hi all.
I have sent a specific message on this subject to the EURALO list, but I am realizing that what I am looking for is not limited to Europe, so I am replicating this to the global list.

I am particularly interested in efforts to establish multi-stakeholder structures at the national level.
I understand that in Germany there is an ongoing effort to build this type of initiative.
Is this correct? How can I get more information?
Generally speaking, would it be a good idea to share the information that we have from different countries?
Maybe there are some ALSes that work locally on this subject, and it would be good to know more about it.

PS: I know that our Armenian ALSes are active on this, and I am already in contact with them
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