[At-Large] R: R: Is ICANN's oversight really moving away from the US government?

Pranesh Prakash pranesh at cis-india.org
Tue Apr 26 19:19:45 UTC 2016

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> [2016-04-26 16:06:16 +0200]:
> relying on expensive court cases that might swing either way. But
> blaming ICANN for the fact that the majority of the Domain Name industry
> is located in the US is unfair. This is a free market world and the new
> gTLD process could have brought a myriad of applications from outside
> the US. But it did not. Is this really ICANN's fault?

In part, yes. Please look at the comments that CIS and other submitted 
to this:

Some requirements imposed by ICANN have no relevance in a country like 
India or Egypt.

Where must arbitration under registry contracts with ICANN happen?  Los 
Angeles County.  Which is the exclusive venue for contractual litigation 
against ICANN by registries? . Los Angeles County.

Surely you're not arguing that it is "natural" that U.S. companies 
continue to dominate in this area and that ICANN policy has nothing to 
do with it?  Do you think the .com contract will ever be opened up for 
competitive bidding?

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