[At-Large] R: R: Is ICANN's oversight really moving away from the US government?

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 10 23:17:07 UTC 2016

My external whistleblower process was the only thing required in this instance, not a 'court' of ICANN connected or industry related people, but three respected human rights organizations out of a pool of 50 respected human rights organizations, available to be alerted to corruption on a rotating basis chosen on the first of each month at random, if people and governments knew there was an external whistleblower process rather than relying on wikileaks to get the real story, there would be nothing to leak because there would be zero corruption.  ICANN doesn't want real accountability, so they rejected my idea late last year and now you are trying to get an international juristiction of in crowders to replace the human rights organizations that would be completely independent.

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