[At-Large] R: R: R: Is ICANN's oversight really moving away from the US government?

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 20:26:37 UTC 2016

ICANN is not the internet user community, it is a bunch of hard-working, intelligent, merited internet industry connected people with enough earned merits in their professional and educational careers to be allowed to speak to one another and participate in the ICANN in-crowd without harrassing each other.  New people without merit are flushed out of the ICANN system as soon as their lack of merit is identified by the guardians of that unwritten rule, the 'stop spamming' bullies and their ombudsman who has plenty of better things to do in New Zealand than care about reforming this exclusionary meritocracy he can only arbitrate for.

ICANN is no different than a harvard or yale social club that looks down on ideas presented by unmerited outside nobody people, whom the club disrespects simply because of their supposed lack of business card merits on their SOI.  If your SOI isn't valid to the unwritten, but prominent ICANN rule, merits=free speech, you are ganged up on, insulted, antagonized and condescended until the 'neutral' ICANN ombudsman censors you, thats the playbook, how the power structure of the meritocracy of ICANN keeps milking the golden cow, paid for trips all over the world, feeling important, like 'progress is occurring', justifying their merits, building their resume, conference after conference, call after call, "much accomplished but so much left to do" or "even as we continue to succeed, there is more work to be done", feel free to insert your own nonsense phrase, designed to selfcongradulate oneself and/or ones group for
 what actually amounts to masking 'progress' in a scheme of status quo continuance. 

U.S. Congress, please do not transfer the internet to a meritocratic oligarchy of merited people pretending to be 'the internet community'.  The technological progress of earth is zero because the global meritocracy was smart enough to figure out how to maintain the status quo while making it look like travel=progress to populations yearning for progress but will only get driveless cars and drones delivering packages they increasingly cannot afford.

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