[At-Large] Is ICANN's oversight really moving away from the US government?

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Sat Mar 26 07:59:44 UTC 2016

On Thursday 24 March 2016 09:34 PM, John R. Levine wrote:
>>> International incorporation either follows a new treaty, or can be
>>> under
>>> the UN....
>> This is where i will rest my case on this topic; ...
> Indeed.  If we want the ITU, we know where to find it.

John, One can keep aiming at a strawman, when the real issue is
something entirely different, but that is just not very useful other
than to obfuscate the issue.

It should be very clear that I am not talking about actual
techno-management of the Internet (in which ICANN and ITU may have or
have had some rivalry). My article
is clear that I am for letting ICANN do all that it does at present. The
focus is only on the oversight layer, which is currently exercised by
the US, and I argue that this situation is only partly and not entirely
remedied, becuase anything that anyone could have feared as a possible
wrongful outcome of US's unilateral oversight_can still be done_ through
an extensive set of existing jurisdictional - executive, legislative and
judicial - powers that the US will continue to posses even after the
current oversight process.... If you disagree that these powers of the
US state will continue to exist please let me know. To get away from
this wrongful subjugation to one country or state's powers, ICANN must
get incorporated under international law, which will ensure host country
jurisdictional immunities... I simply cant understand where does the ITU
come in here !? There are so many organisations under international
incorporation that remain very  independent in their working, plus we
have all the leverage to be as innovative here as we can. But for that
we should first begin examining this issue in the right earnest, and
inter alia go beyond strawman arguments. There is no ITU issue here at all.

As a US citizen I can perhaps understand your lack of interest in
ICANN's international incorporation, but when those of other countries,
especially those who have suffered under the colonial yoke, too remain
unconcerned with this problem, that really bothers, and pains, me..


> R's,
> John

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