[At-Large] Is ICANN's oversight really moving away from the US government?

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Seun, responses inline

On Thursday 24 March 2016 02:53 PM, Seun Ojedeji wrote:
>  snip,,,,,,It means incorporation under international law, and not US
> law as present.
> Okay don't mind my legal illiteracy, does this mean incoporation under
> a body like UN? how does/will this work in a normal circumstances; How
> does the registration of a company name work when a country is not the
> source of registration?

International incorporation either follows a new treaty, or can be under
the UN....
> Okay so you are referring to a separate body that does what NTIA
> currently does? If i may ask, why do you really think you could trust
> this new body that will oversight on ICANN; who will oversight this
> new body you propose?

That 'how will you trust'  question can be asked in an infinite regress.
To break such logics, in political systems, oversight is built through
division of power - those who have raw executive power get overseen by
others, who are unlikely to be swayed by the former's interests, and act
per clearly laid out rules, and by themselves do not have any or much
executive power. In India, for instance, the President has oversight
over the parliamentary system and the cabinet (including the prime
minister), but in fact the President is considered much less powerful
that the prime minister, and it is often a  job given to senior
politicians who have to be retired respectably.... Just making the point
that oversight does not necessarily means superior power, if the
division of power is done well, and there are well laid out rules, and
judicial oversight.
> snip
> The board has oversight on the organization. Seats on the board is
> filled by various SO/AC and also by external people who are not
> affiliated with various SO/AC(nomcom selected members). So my point
> was that there is already some level of external oversight by the
> virtue of board's composition.

As argued in the article, the so called ICANN community is largely
inbred, has a very narrow base, and the interests of power and career
movements within the system, and in allied systems, are often shared and
inter-mingled to an extent that it does not at all make a good model for
internal oversight... Separation of oversight from executive power is
needed across groups that do not intersect and intermingle in the way
this inbred community does. And becuase of these closely shared
interests and perspectives they have developed strong
inclusion-exclusion boundaries, which would become even stronger in a
free floating ICANN without oversight....This is a fault , to use the
term again, with infinite regress logic, which in absence of external
oversight will keep becoming worse all the time..

Happy to clarify further if needed... parminder

>     My article is quite specific, for the 1400 words that I had.... In
>     fact it is your response to it that requires specifics, and seems
>     to be too vague. What exactly 'representing both internal and
>     external' and 'community' mean?
> I hope my responses above now helps
> Regards
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