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hi everyone,

for those planning to attend ICANN meeting in Helsinki and need visa,
please check the information below.



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*Objet:* *PLEASE READ: ICANN 56 Meeting - Helsinki - Visa Applications*

Dear All,

Our invitation letter for ICANN 56 Helsinki Meeting is now open.
Individuals that will need a visa to enter Finland and/or any Schengen
country to attend the meeting can go to our website:
https://invitationletters.icann.org/, to apply for the letter.

Our local host will be supplying the local host letter to those who apply
on our invitation letter website.

We highly urge individuals who do not have a valid Schengen visa to apply
as early as possible as the visa process is time consuming. All
participants who apply for a visa will have to book an appointment to have
their fingerprints taken and etc. In some locations, Finland is represented
by another government, in these cases our local host will have no way to
influence the application process.

Our local host confirmed that the deadline for visa application is *May 31,

Please feel free to share this with your constituents so that they can plan

Thank you!

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