[At-Large] Fwd: [technical-issues] Banning .xyz email from my company's servers

bzs at theworld.com bzs at theworld.com
Thu Mar 17 04:32:06 UTC 2016

[is this OT, how did this start?]

I use spamassassin system-wide to increase the spam score of a message
from certain TLDs to near the threshold where it's just rejected.

So for example in local.cf I add a rule like:

header DOTTOP_RULE              From =~ /.*\.top/i
describe DOTTOP_RULE            BZS 20160226
score DOTTOP_RULE               2.5

which means just having a .TOP TLD in the From gives it a base score
of 2.5, so it wouldn't take much more, tripping some other
spamassassin rules, to just get it blocked entirely.

But it means in theory a very non-spammy msg from that TLD might still
get through.

        -Barry Shein

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