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Sat Feb 27 15:03:00 UTC 2016

On Saturday 27 February 2016 08:17 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
> Dear Parminder,
> On 27/02/2016 11:45, parminder wrote:
>> As a stop gap measure, before such incorporation under international
>> law can be worked out, a new ICANN free from formal NTIA oversight
>> should set up a parallel redundant authoritative root in a non US
>> location, which is fully primed to work and take over from the US
>> based one the moment there is any interference by the US state -
>> whether its judicial, legislative or executive branch, either in
>> ICANN's policy process, or actual entries in the authoritative root.
>> Since Internet's root system works by reputation and 'community
>> acceptance' and not by any necessary physical components and
>> linkages, this should be easy to work out.. This IMHO would be the
>> best interim check on the US state's possibilities to interfere with
>> ICANN/ root file business.
> In theory, yes, all of what you are saying is possible, except one
> thing: has the "US state" ever interfered with the ICANN/root file
> business, as you put it? You are speaking of a risk that has been
> shown to not exist. I am much less confident of the ability of some
> other states to keep their hands off interference with the root...
> Kindest regards,


I will first request a response to the following question after which I
give a further reply. Were all scenarios considered during the oversight
transition process in developing various kinds of checks and balances
consist of actual things that have happened in the past?

(What I saw was that in most cases abuses of the kind that have never
actually happened were long and thoroughly discussed and checks
developed against their potentially happening in the future. Am I wrong
in saying this? If not, why is only the possible interference by the US
state with ICANN/ root is a potential abuse on which you want to be
unconcerned or callous? Incidentally, most of the world does not share
the benign conception you seem to have about the US state, and its
frequent exercise of illegitimate power globally. )


> Olivier

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