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FYI.  I was not following this closely, largely because I still believe the
real issue for the At-Large is the lack of bandwidth due to low
participation; only a few people still doing the heavy lifting of reading
the reports so one could sensibly mount a credible response.

To my mind the time is imminent for the ALAC to decide and cherry pick
issues meriting response.

I recall the arguments linking the lack of timely translation of reports as
contributory to the low participation rate from At-Large representatives,
never mind the requirement for working knowledge of English. I also recall
some position on eliminating the Reply Time Period in favour of a longer
Comment Period.

Was there a final ALAC position here?


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 Dear Community Leaders:

Earlier this year the ICANN Policy Development Support Team took on the
implementation of specific ATRT2 recommendations looking to evolve and
improve various aspects of the ICANN Public Comments infrastructure and

As part of those staff implementation obligations, my team committed to
assessing the implementation effort and to producing a report of that
analysis for the community by the end of this year.  I am pleased to share
that the assessment report has now been completed and is posted on the
community wiki at this link -
https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=56987496. A pdf
version of the report is available to download from that page.

To help staff anticipate, envision and prepare for future improvements
regarding how the organization manages, maintains and supports future
community input streams, we are forming a staff Public Input Advisory Team
pulling in representatives from different staff teams to share their
perspectives.  I am hopeful that we’ll be able to incorporate input and
collaboration opportunities with community members to make that a
practical, useful and valuable effort. If you or any member of community
would be interested in contributing to such an effort, please drop me a
line.  We hope to get the group together at least once before the ICANN55
Marrakech meeting.

Best Regards  and Happy New Year,


David A. Olive
Senior Vice President, Policy Development Support
General Manager, ICANN Regional Headquarters –Istanbul
Hakki Yeten Cad. Selenium Plaza No:10/C K:10 34349 Fulya, Besiktas, Istanbul
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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