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Vanda Scartezini vanda at scartezini.org
Mon Dec 21 12:44:01 UTC 2015

We need to understand the dynamic of new gTLDs. Like here in Brazil ( and certainly in several countries) banks registered their name for their own security reasons, not to sell; other names has no reason to exist because has no meaning. But some of them are quite good and are selling well. 
Of course IDNs generic names are quite relevant for people around the world to keep in touch with their culture. 
I believe this round of TLDs was a learning experience not only for ICANN but also for all applicants to think better about the potential market before they decide to apply to own a new gTLD, since the general cost to launch it properly is around 1 million US$ if you are not yet a registry. 
I am not in favor to have another round of gTLDs. It is a long process and users need to understand better the advantages, risks etc. 
My 2 cents
 Great holidays to you all!! 
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On 12/20/15, 10:32 PM, "at-large-bounces at atlarge-lists.icann.org on behalf of John R. Levine" <at-large-bounces at atlarge-lists.icann.org on behalf of johnl at iecc.com> wrote:

>> I like George and continue so to do.  But the case he made against
>> applicant support - and a major reason for his no vote - is internally
>> inconsistent in logic and is absolved in outcome.
>Considering that most of the new public TLDs look like failures by any 
>reasonable metric, so much that ICANN's had to revise their budget to 
>reflect the lack of income from registrants who didn't register, ICANN did 
>the developing countries a favor by not encouraging them to waste their 
>There are a lot of good ways to spend development money, but yet another 
>TLD isn't one of them.
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