[At-Large] I: [ALAC-Announce] ICANN News Alert -- Notice of Preliminary Determination To Grant Registrar Data Retention Waiver Request for Ascio Technologies, Inc. Danmark - filial af Ascio Technologies, Inc. USA

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Fri Dec 18 17:21:12 UTC 2015

> Indeed. These are architectural failures across the DNS from design,
> operations to policy making. What you are really saying is that DNS is
> not working well for operators.

It really is not helpful to attempt to put your own misunderstandings in 
other people's mouths.

> Actually DNS is not working for most of the Internet either, witness we
> don't have names resolving to the billions and approaching trillions of
> devices and applications services at the edge of data networks.

Actually, in this regard DNS works fine.  The fact that devices don't have 
names that hostile parties can use to find them and attack them is not a 
bug.  We could name them if we wanted, and we most definitely do not.


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