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provisions for registry failure were considered since the "first round" of new gTLDs, so they are part of ICANN's DNA by now. 

At that time the mindset change was significant: from "immanent", structural gTLDs to the admission that some of them would be run as businesses and be able to succeed and fail in a market.

But then, even countries could appear and disappear and so their TLDs. Witness .yu and .su for deprecation, .me or .ps for creation.

Re "something must be done", what is so special about consumers of domain names that is totally inexistent in consumer behavior and rights? Solutions - if there is indeed a problem - should be mapped from a successful, global consumers union... if you can find one. When you try to do that you will be setting foot on a well-trodden road. I think this was already discussed in the 1990's. I hope someone can better identify the problem and a solution that has eluded us for almost two decades now (or realizes there isn't that much that can be done, and that ICANN's mechanisms, very much shaped by users' concerns, already cover a lot of the intersection between what can be desired and what can be done.

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Hello all,

let me chime in on this issue.

On 09/12/2015 22:17, Avri Doria wrote:
> On 09-Dec-15 12:38, Christopher Wilkinson wrote:
>> > http://www.circleid.com/posts/20151204_security_firm_predicts_unprecedented_series_of_new_gtld_failures/
>> >
>> >
>> > Good evening. Did the WG see this coming?
> The gTLD group that made the current set of recommendations (many of
> which were disregarded)?
> Yes, it did.
> And it realized that as with all products people come to rely on, some
> survive and some don't.
> This is the way it should be with products.

Registry failure was of course anticipated and ICANN has a complex set
of wheels that come in motion when that happens, as described in the
Registry Accreditation Agreement:

There are numerous places in the Agreement that deal with Registry
failure, transfer of data, escrow etc.

So the noise that this security firm is much ago about nothing.

Second, some in the thread are saying that ICANN should do nothing at
all to ensure business continuity. Actually all of the above measures
were ingrained in the Registry Agreement in order to provide continuity
in the resolution of a registered domain name, under any generic Top
Level Domain. They were defined as part of ICANN's DNA through the
Affirmation of Commitments which ICANN as signed with NTIA:

The pertinent section is section 9.2, preserving security, stability and

Read this document again in detail. A lot of what ICANN does and how it
does it is actually mandated here.

Kindest regards,


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