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Thu Dec 3 00:11:12 UTC 2015

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ICANN's accountability transition group says that progress is occurring at the conferences, correct?  If not, then those conferences are just parties.  For example, if I host a gathering of elites in the name of progress for all humankind, and instead of calling it a party I call the gathering of elites a "beer convention" it is still just a party until some completion of progress for all humankind occurs.  The G8 and G20, and most global conventions and conferences are not global conferences at all, they are elite parties where leaders talk past one another at the podium and then they eat lavish meals.  But the elites call these parties conferences and conventions because that eleviates the "wealth shame" of partying instead of getting things accomplished for all humankind.  Conferences and conventions eleviate "wealth shame" because they tell themselves that progress is occurring, but if i am asked to go to buy a pizza
 and I come back without a pizza and everybody says to me, "Where is the pizza?", and my answer is that I didn't get the pizza but I met with the manager and leaders of the community, people will be wondering if that is progress and where the pizza is.  The internet community and world are hungry for tangible progress, but global elites aren't bringing home that pizza, they are eating the pizza with the other elites and making a controversial comment or two at the podium so their billionaire owned media can focus on that, instead of on the lack of progress at their party billed as a conference, convention, g8, g20 doesnt matter, they are all excuses for the elites to party and pretend to be progressing humankind when they are clearly failing.  Just my opinion.  Where is the progress?

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