[At-Large] Please vote on the IGF survey to rate, agree or disagree with some of the Core Internet Values

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At the Brazil IGF, yesterday, 12th November, there was a main session on
the work of Dynamic Coalitions.  The second part of this session would be
in the main room at the Brazil IGF today, 13th November at 9 am Joao Pessoa
time. Various coalitions have proposals or "ideas" to be rated.

The Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values has uploaded eight questions.
Please vote on these questions with your comments at page
 ( There are also other interesting ideas from various other Dynamic
Coalitions accessed from page http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/surveys  In
this page the idea rating sheets of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet
Values are listed as:

   - Idea Rating Sheet - Core Internet Values - NEW VERSION

​The questions are reproduced in text form as below:​


1. All Internet Governance stakeholders including Governments and Internet
Governance Organizations could consider Core Internet Values as Reference
Standards to be respected while formulating Internet Policy. Do you agree?

2. Technically defined as a “dumb technology”,  the Internet is
architectured to be neutral, fair to the whole world, without any
intelligence, except to faithfully transport information in packets.  Do
you think this is valuable, and that this value must be preserved ?

3. Internet is architectured to work on various types of devices,
regardless of the device type (for e.g. phone, computer, ATM) or device
design or their operating systems, so designed to be Inter-operable.  Do
you agree that it is valuable to preserve the interoperability of the
Internet ?

4. The end to end architecture is a design feature that ensures that
communication originating from one user (one end) reaches the intended
recipient at the other end without any interference, censorship or
control.  Do you think this end-to-end principle is valuable?

5. Internet Standards are developed by open colloborative processes, where
participation is open to everyone. The standards so developed are open for
debate, collaboration and improvement. There are other ways by which
Internet is a “Open” network. Do you think this is valuable ?

6. The technical values of the Internet have caused the Internet to evolve
as an ecosystem that fosters “Permissionless Innovation”  Any person or
enterprise is not required to get permission or any form of licence from
any organization to create a web application or commerical product or any
form of innovation on the Internet. Do you consider this valuable and do
you think this value must be preserved ?

7. Internet evolved and continues to evolve as a Global Internet. There is
one Internet, undivided. Do you consider this valuable ?

8. The Internet Community believes that it is unnecessary to tamper with
the architectural design of the Internet unless a drastic and critical need
arises to change something.  The rule is expressed as “If it ain’t broke,
don’t fix it”  Do you think this is valuable ?

Thank you

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