[At-Large] ICANN oversight

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 10 21:36:35 UTC 2015

Here, have all the power, we want to give it to you.. sounds too good to be true.  

Propose an external whistleblower process, make them reject it or accept that first, see what motivations the NTIA and Board really have about the transition, that will show how much time really needs to be dedicated to either a true or phony delayed process, in my opinion.  

The way its being done is all the work first and then seeing if it was worth it to do the work at the very end of the process.  Make them show their cards now would be my strategy.  Its a stacked deck, and the government always is the dealer, but you can make them show their hand and work from there if you want to.

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