[At-Large] ICANN oversight

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Sat Oct 10 11:13:43 UTC 2015

I cannot but note with considerable surprise and disappoinment that when
everyone with any thing ever to do with ICANN is currently hotly
debating the issue of the stand off between the ICANN board and CCWG on
ICANN accountability, ALAC remains so aloof from the issue.... When this
should prima facie be the one part of the ICANN structure, as
representing the peripheries, that should be most bothered by efforts at
concentration of power, or of holding on it,  vis a vis the rights of
the public.

I have not been able to follow the process closely, but if I am right 
-and please correct me if I am not - even in the earlier discussions
ALAC has been most lukewarm to any kind of structural changes that could
indeed place an effective oversight of the 'community' over the ICANN
board, when as said ALAC is the one group that should be most keen on
institutionalising such checks over centralisation of power with the
ICANN board. Can anyone explain me why it is so. It really intrigues me,
and I am sure I am missing something here.

Thanks, parminder

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