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> On Jul 23, 2015, at 12:02 AM, Christian de Larrinaga <cdel at firsthand.net> wrote:
> The case is made that the GNSO is largely North American or
> European and male.

This applies only to the business parts of the GNSO, not civil society.  The authors of the report systematically demonstrated an inability to even bother to look at the web pages or mail list archives of NCSG, NCUC, and NPOC before making generalizations about them, relying instead on bits of hearsay from not quite disinterested actors who’ve been “on the other side” on various issues. 

NCUC has 428 members from 101 countries, including 108 noncommercial organizations and 320 individuals http://www.ncuc.org/about/members/ <http://www.ncuc.org/about/members/>   We’ve not done a demographic breakdown lately but believe about half are from the global South.  NPOC lists about 60 organizational members, many from the global South http://www.npoc.org/?p=members2015june <http://www.npoc.org/?p=members2015june>.   And there are some people who've joined the SG but neither constituency, I don’t have their numbers handy.  In any event, the numbers indicate that the CS part of the GNSO is not largely North American or European and male.



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