[At-Large] Question about Specification 11

Thomas Lowenhaupt toml at communisphere.com
Mon Apr 13 18:27:58 UTC 2015

Fellow At-Large Members,

Concerning Public Interest Commitments for the .nyc TLD,

the ICANN agreement says:

c.Registry Operator will operate the TLD in a transparent manner 
consistent with general principles of openness and non-discrimination by 
establishing, publishing and adhering to clear registration policies.

Can someone refer me to an explanation about this. For example, the 
phrases "transparent manner," "general principles of openness," 
"non-discrimination," and "clear registration policies" are unclear. Are 
there definitions? Have there been challenges to Spec. 11 that might 
shed light?


Tom Lowenhaupt
Connecting.nyc Inc.

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