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Mon Mar 2 06:59:43 UTC 2015

At F2C 2012 Aaron Swartz  talked
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fgh2dFngFsg> about how he had led the the
fight to defeat SOPA/PIPA. At F2C 2013 Glen Greenwald, just embarking on
his Snowden odyssey, talked <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmvwFt-yPeo>
about the power of the people to reign in governmental malfeasance. Who
will be the star of F2C 2015? There are plenty of good candidates...
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 joly posted: "On Monday/Tuesday March 2-3 2015 the F2C:Freedom to Connect
conference will be held at Civic Hall in NYC. Speakers include: Andrew
Rasiej, Micah Sifry, Cayden Mak, Susan Crawford, Eben Moglen, David P Reed,
Dan Geer, Molly Crabapple, Chris Ritzo, Hilary "

[image: F2C: Freedom to Connect 2015]
<http://freedom-to-connect.net/%22>On *Monday/Tuesday
March 2-3 2015* the *F2C:Freedom to Connect*
<http://freedom-to-connect.net/> conference will be held at *Civic Hall* in
NYC. Speakers include: *Andrew Rasiej*, *Micah Sifry*, *Cayden Mak*, *Susan
Crawford*, *Eben Moglen*, *David P Reed*, *Dan Geer*, *Molly Crabapple*, *Chris
Ritzo*, *Hilary Mason*, *Lani Cossette*,* Aaron Wright*, *Nick Grossman*,*
Matthew L Jones*, *Marcy Wheeler*, *Trevor Timm*
*Bruce Schneier*
 *Dan Gillmor*, *Cory Doctorow*, *Milo Medin* , *Elliot Noss*, *Joanne
Hovis*, *Chris Mitchell*, *Hannah Sassaman*, *Jim Baller*, *Tim Wu*, *Gigi
Sohn*, *Harold Feld*, *Margaret Flowers*, *Evan Greer*, *Sarah Morris*, *Rashad
Robinson*, *Michal Rosenn*, *David Segal*, *Joseph Torres*, *Matt Wood*, *Kevin
Zeese*, *Tim Karr* & *Zephyr Teachout*.​
Founder, organizer and moderator is *David Isenberg*. The event, which is
sold out, will be *webcast live* <http://freedom-to-connect.cleeng.com/> by
the *Internet Society's North America Bureau*. There is a $25 charge to

*What: F2C:Freedom to Connect <http://freedom-to-connect.net/> Where: Civic
Hall NYC When: Monday/Tuesday March 2-3 2015 9am-5pm EST | 14:00 - 22:00
UTC Agenda: http://freedom-to-connect.net/agenda.html
<http://freedom-to-connect.net/agenda.html> Webcast:
<http://freedom-to-connect.cleeng.com/> ($25) Twitter: @f2c2015
<https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=f2c2015> Facebook: #f2c20a5
<https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/f2c2015> Google+: #f2c20a5

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