[At-Large] WEBCAST TUESDAY – State of the Net 2015

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Mon Jan 26 13:01:43 UTC 2015

At the State of the Net Tuesday again we have a healthy NYC contingent
representing. Nancy Scola is moderating a panel on Digital Protectionism
Rachel Sklar is moderating a panel on Diversity
that includes NYTM's Jessica Lawrence. Nilay Patel is on the Open Internet
<http://stateofthenet2015.sched.org/event/56b1c4199f03a723e29a4ef289a8b5df> -
along with Harold Feld! Nilay has to be an expert on NN since he moderated
the Legal Hackers South Street Seaport <https://isoc-ny.org/p2/6844>
special last July! And then, also from NYC is me (joly) doing the streaming.

Now, as far as the webcast goes. First the $99. SInce we are sponsoring the
webcast we have negotiated a reduced rate of $25 for ISOC members. To get
the rate all you have to do is email Paul Brigner (currently in Budapest so
he will up early on Tuesday morning!) at brigner at isoc.org and he will mail
you back an individualized discount code. If you are not an ISOC member
please join, it's free! While all that is confirmed for the webcast at the
moment are the morning plenaries,  If you are seriously into Internet
policy it has to be worth the 25.

 In the afternoon there are 3 tracks - see
http://stateofthenet2015.sched.org/venues/ - and how and if and which will
be streamed  is something I'll sort out on the fly. I'd like to do both
those rooms on the 8th floor. My feeling is that, if nobody objects and
it's technically feasible I might bounce room 807 out to another, possibly
free, channel. If so I will announce here. Stay tuned.

 joly posted: " On Tuesday January 27 2015 the  Internet Education
Foundation (IEF) will host the 2015 State of the Net Conference at the
Newseum in Washington DC. Among the many listed speakers are US CTO Megan
Smith, FTC Chair Edith Ramirez, Assistant AG Leslie Caldwe"

[image: State of the Net] <http://stateofthenet.cleeng.com/> On *Tuesday
January 27 2015* the  *Internet Education Foundation <http://neted.org/> *(IEF)
will host the *2015 State of the Net Conference*
<http://www.stateofthenet.org/> at the *Newseum* in *Washington DC*. Among
the many listed speakers are US CTO *Megan Smith*, FTC Chair *Edith Ramirez*,
Assistant AG *Leslie Caldwell*, WH Director of Cybersecurity *Ari Schwartz,*
Congressman *Bob Goodlatte*, the NTIA's *Larry Strickling*, ICANN's *Theresa
Swinehart*, the NCUC's* Milton Mueller*, ISOC's *Sally Wentworth*, CDT's *Nuala
O'Connor*, the FCC's *Gigi Sohn*, and her former PK colleague *Harold Feld*.
As the 114th Congress kicks off, attendees include some 300 congressional
staff and other policymakers. The *Internet Societ
<http://internetsociety.org>y* is sponsoring and providing the *live
webcast <http://stateofthenet.cleeng.com/>*, which is priced at *$99*.

*What: 2015 State of the Net Conference <http://www.stateofthenet.org/>
Where: Newseum, Washington DC When: Tuesday January 27 2015 pam-5pm EST |
14:00-22:00 UTC Agenda: http://www.stateofthenet.org/sotn15-agenda/
<http://www.stateofthenet.org/sotn15-agenda/> Speakers:
<http://stateofthenet2015.sched.org/directory/speakers> Webcast:
http://stateofthenet.cleeng.com/ <http://stateofthenet.cleeng.com/> ($99)
Twitter: #sotn15

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