[At-Large] ICANN IANA Transition Outreach meeting in Berlin

sandra hoferichter info at hoferichter.eu
Wed Dec 10 10:01:35 UTC 2014

Dear all,


I would just like to inform you that Jimmy Schulz and I did attend an
outreach meeting yesterday (9.12.) discussing the IANA transition with the
German community. (see here the agenda in German:
er-internetverwaltung.html ) The event was very well attended and the
discussion lively. If not already the case I would encourage to organise
such events in other regions as well and also recommend At-Large members to
participate. From ICANN Jean Jacques (VP Europe) participated.


Unfortunately the announcement was not spread on any At-Large lists in
advance, I could imagine  there would have been a greater interest from the
At-Large Community. I found out about this event on a short notice only. We
should better cooperate here.


Best Sandra 

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