[At-Large] [ALAC] Honouring Olivier Crepin LeBlond

Subrenat, Jean-Jacques jjs at dyalog.net
Tue Oct 14 03:06:14 UTC 2014

Thank you Salanieta for taking this initiative.
Like all of us, I am grateful to Olivier for the great progress he has helped ALAC to achieve, and the way he has gone about it.
Best regards,

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Dear All,

As we move into ICANN 51, I would like to take this opportunity to really
honour the work of Olivier Crepin LeBlond for his leadership within the At
Large Community. His diplomacy, wisdom, tenacity, character, energy,
integrity in rallying the wider At Large community has been critical in the
mobilization and activation of the wider At Large community.

His constant advocacy for participation, inclusion and undying personal
commitment which has in turn manifested in him being on literally thousands
of calls, hours of genuine voluntary service is nothing short of
phenomenal. I would recommend that ICANN gives him a Leadership Award.

Having served under Olivier whilst on the ALAC, I have seen him open to
hearing and managing diverse views, conflicting ideas but handling it with
grace although at times, he has often remarked wanting to pull his
hair...which is something that all leaders go through from time to time. :)
But seriously,  Olivier thank you for  being very very inclusive in your
approach. You are a star!

On behalf of the South Pacific Computer Society, I would most sincerely
like to thank you again for your amazing leadership and for the person that
you are. Hopefully you can visit us in the Pacific some time if your
schedule clears up.

With every best wish,
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