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Congratulations to Alan on the  appointment, however I must say I am sad to see Olivier go, I wish we could have 2 ALAC chairs (joke). Thank you Olivier for the good work, all the best in your future endeavours.

Kind Regards

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Subject: [ALAC-Announce] Congratulations to Alan Greenberg - next ALAC Chair

Dear At-Large members,

following a call for nominations for the ALAC Chair, as of the deadline
of 3 September 2014, Alan Greenberg was the only candidate that had been

According to the ALAC bylaws, I proceeded with a consensus call on the
ALAC mailing list for Alan Greenberg to be selected as the next ALAC
Chair by acclamation. This consensus call ended on Thursday 11 September
2014, 23:59 UTC, with no objections and a large number of messages
supporting Alan's selection.

As a result, it is my pleasure to be able to announce Alan Greenberg as
the next ALAC Chair for a one year, renewable term, that will start on
16 October 2014.

I would like to offer my congratulations to Alan for taking on such a
position. I admit it has been a challenging four years for me, but Alan
has what it takes to continue stewarding the great work that our
community has done over the years. He is so experienced in this
environment that I have no doubt he'll lead this community to new levels
and I am absolutely confident that our common missions, grouped under
the ICANN Bylaws Article XI, Section 2.4.a and 2.4.j will not only be
fulfilled but exceeded in every sense of the term.

Finally, I would also like to let Alan know of my personal continued
support for the ALAC's mission. We are all part of the Internet's only
operational multi-stakeholder system that has to make decisions which
will affect many Internet users around the world. This is a fantastic
opportunity to prove that the system works. We should expect to always
be under the microscope but in front of unfounded criticism, I ask
detractors: "so you think you can do better? Why don't you try yourself?"

Alan, just like the many people in this community contributing at the
level of their possibilities, has taken the step to try. So have you
all, At-Large members. For this commitment I am really proud of you all
- and I feel rich for having been given the chance to be part of it.

Thank you.

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond
ALAC Chair

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