[At-Large] Acknowledgment of Second At-Large Summit Declaration

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Fri Sep 12 08:04:46 UTC 2014

Please find the link to the Board resolutions (meting on the 9th of
September 2014)

Among other things please have a look to the resolution about ATLAS II and
to the note at the end of the resolution and before the rational.


1. Acknowledgment of Second At-Large Summit Declaration

Whereas, the Second At-Large Summit (ATLAS II) was held at theICANN 50
meeting in London, United Kingdom in June 2014.

Whereas, ATLAS II has built on the first summit organized in March 2009 at
the ICANN 34 meeting in Mexico.

Whereas, the Board has received the Final ATLAS II Declaration
[PDF, 204 KB]).

Whereas, the At-Large community continues the Summit's spirit of
engagement and enthusiasm through a set of post-ATLAS II implementation

Resolved (2014.09.09.08), the Board acknowledges the Final ATLAS II
Declaration, and extends its congratulations on the successful Summit held
during ICANN 50 in London.

Resolved (2014.09.09.09), the Board affirms the significance of the ATLAS
II Summit and its outcomes as valuable input from the At-Large community
of individual Internet users towards strengthening ICANN.

Resolved (2014.09.09.10), the Board expresses its appreciation for the
tremendous effort made by the At-Large community in delivering the
At-Large Summit, the Final ATLAS
II Declaration and the post-ATLAS II implementation activities.

Resolved (2014.09.09.11), the Board looks forward to following up with the
ALAC on any inputs that are provided to the Board resulting from the Final
ATLAS II Declaration.

Note: Three voting members of the Board abstained from voting on the
resolutions. They stated for the record that they were supportive of the
work resulting from the ATLAS, but wanted to draw attention to their
encouragement for the Board to take future consideration of plans to
develop the ATLAS into a regularly occurring event.

Rationale for Resolutions 2014.09.09.08 ­ 2014.09.09.11The Second At-Large
Summit (ATLAS II), which was made possible by the Board approving a
special budget for the event, resulted in the production of the ATLAS II
Declaration. This Declaration was sent to Steve Crocker by Olivier
Crépin-Leblond on 7 August 2014.
This document is the result of the work of approximately 150 At-Large
Structures from 70 countries meeting face to face in London in June 2014.
The Declaration includes the work of all of the 5 ATLAS II Thematic
Working Groups:

* Thematic Group 1 (TG1): Future of Multi-Stakeholder Models
* Thematic Group 2 (TG2): The Globalization of ICANN
* Thematic Group 3 (TG3): Global Internet: The User Perspective
* Thematic Group 4 (TG4): ICANN Transparency and Accountability
* Thematic Group 5 (TG5): At-Large Community Engagement inICANN

It contains 43 Recommendations both the ICANN Board, to ICANNand to the
ALAC, referenced as R-1 to R-43. It also contains 10 Observations for the
wider Internet Community, referenced as O-1 to O-10.
The At-Large community is currently beginning work on the implementation
of the Recommendations and Observations through a special Taskforce.
The ALAC is seeking feedback on the Declaration from the widerICANN
This is an Organizational Administrative Function for which public comment
is not required.

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