[At-Large] News on the .health TLD allocation

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Wed Sep 3 21:11:05 UTC 2014

On 3 September 2014 07:24, McTim <dogwallah at gmail.com> wrote:

> Just because Donuts requested something be removed from the RA, doesn't
> mean it was.

​I can't parse what you said because there was no request for anything in
what I sent.

​What I linked to​
 was *the* PIC statement for a number of applications, which includes the

*These PICs shall be subject to review by Registry Operator starting in
January 2016, and Registry Operator, in its sole discretion, may elect at
that time to modify or discontinue any of the PICs herein in the case of a
substantial and compelling business need.*

To my awareness, that clause -- specifically, the right to "discontinue any
of the PICs" at the registry's sole discretion about a year from delegation
-- has been disputed by neither the GAC nor ICANN legal.

​- Evan​

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