[At-Large] Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values at IGF Turkey, 5th September 11 am Room 10

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Tue Sep 2 13:58:29 UTC 2014


The Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values was formed following the IGF
2009 Egypt "Workshop on Fundamentals:Core Internet Values" chaired by Lynn
St.Amour which was by itself based on one or two earlier conversations on
fundamental questions in the Internet Society Chapter-Delegates list.
​ ​
The first meeting of the Coalition was in 2010 at Vilnius, followed by
meetings every year.

In our Workshop at IGF Egypt and later during the four meetings at the
subsequent IGFs, the debate was on defining the Core Internet Values and on
the challenges in preserving Core Internet Values. For the fifth meeting of
the Coalition at Turkey, the discussions would be with the emphasis on the
role of stakeholder contribution to preserve core Internet Values.

The session at Turkey would flow in such a way that Governments,
International Organizations, Civil Society Organizations and Business
Corporations talking about how their Governments / Organizations have
policies / programs that are conducive to the core values of the Internet

Confirmed panelists as on date are: Dr. Vint Cerf (ARIN), Olivier
Crepin-LeBlond (At-Large), Amy Stepanovich (Access Now),  David Cake (
Electronic Frontiers Austral
a), Assistant Secretary Lawrence E Strickling (NTIA), Paul Wilson APNIC,
Adam Peake, Dr. Steve Crocker
​, ​
Baroness Renee Fritchie DBE (Nominet) and Desiree Miloshevic (Internet
Society) . Olivier Crepin-LeBlond has agreed to chair the session.

The panel speeches would be followed by a positive Round Table moderated
discussion involving everyone in the room.
​Please join us at
 this meeting
​ in Turkey​
. This meeting will take place on 5th September, Friday, 11 am at Room 10.

Thank you.
Sivasubramanian M

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