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> Otherwise it be best to remember that the world is bigger than the EU
> Union, we are talking about gTLD's and my rights are not subservient to
> rights of somebody living in the EU. Europe is home to only about 12% of
> world population. The EU has access to .EU domains etc, why not use them?
> Without this, we may as well consider our information super highway trying
> to apply UK road rules and US road rules at the same time with predictable
> disastrous conclusion.

It is true that if all used only ccTLDs, where the jurisdiction is clear,
the situation would be simpler.
As a matter of fact, there's also a .US domain that, similarly, could be
used by US people to avoid problems.
However, gTLDs are a reality, and we are in a situation where, to use the
same image, we cannot apply at the same time UK rules and US rules at the
same time. But the question is which of the two use.

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