[At-Large] WEBCAST NOW: African Internet Summit 2014 in Djibouti #AIS14

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Mon Jun 2 07:57:13 UTC 2014

Nice quality webcast with english translation (sometimes only on the audio

  [image: AIS14] <http://internetsummitafrica.org/>The 2nd annual African
Internet Summit <http://internetsummitafrica.org/> is underway in Djibouti
from 25 May to 6 June 2014. The 2014 theme is "*Beyond connection:
Internetworking for African Development*". The plenary sessions commenced
today Monday 1 June 2014, and are being webcast live. Remote participation
is also possible via jabber. Djibouti is on EAT = UTC+3, so 7 hours ahead
of NYC.

*What*: African Internet Summit 2014 <http://internetsummitafrica.org/>
*Where*: Djibouti
*When*:  1 - 6 June 2014 (plenaries)
*Program*: http://internetsummitafrica.org/en/program/agenda
*Webcast*: http://internetsummitafrica.org/en/participate-online/
*Twitter*: #AIS14 <https://twitter.com/hashtag/AIS14>

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