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Publication of One World Trust Report on ICANN Accountability Benchmarks
and Metrics

4 March 2014

One World Trust (OWT) has submitted an independent assessment and
measurement recommendations to ICANN. OWT was contracted to assist with
developing a means to measure ICANN's accountability performance over time,
as well as relative to other (broadly) similar organizations. This effort
is part of ICANN's commitment to accountability and continuous improvement,
and also responds to Accountability and Transparency Review Team advice.
These measures also will:

   - Illustrate and communicate how ICANN is meeting its global
   accountability obligations;
   - Help ICANN benefit from learning how other international organizations
   are accountable to their stakeholders; and
   - Continue to enhance ICANN's accountability (and transparency, which is
   viewed as a part of accountability).

The implementation of the accountability framework, metrics and benchmarks
is an important step in evolving ICANN's performance measurement
discipline. This process is aligned with broader measurements of
performance being implemented as part of ICANN's Management System to
support continuous improvement.

One World Trust is an independent, UK-based organization that conducts
research, develops recommendations and advocates for reform to make policy
and decision-making processes in global governance more accountable to the
people they affect.

OWT's "ICANN Accountability and Transparency Metrics and Benchmarks:
Consultancy Report," is available
752 KB]. Their work consisted of several elements:


    Review of the accountability principles promoted by four international
   accountability standard setting initiatives;

    Qualitative analysis of ICANN's policies and practices through desk
   research and interviews with key stakeholders and staff (list available in
   Appendix C), for insight into ICANN's current accountability strengths and
   challenges, as well as gathering ideas about how the metrics and benchmarks
   might work; and

    Analysis of the accountability policies and practices of three
   multi-stakeholder, international non-profit organizations, to establish
   their current level of accountability in comparison with ICANN, and
   identify useful learning opportunities.

OWT provided a framework and practical suggestions for metrics within each
of the six dimensions of Accountability (see Accountability Framework
below), and recommended that ICANN staff determine specific metrics,
including appropriate targets. This work will be integrated with the
development of organization-wide performance metrics as part of ICANN's
Management System, which will include: Key Success Factors and Key
Performance Indicators used to plan and measure performance against the
Fiscal Year 2015 Operational Plan and Budget; and trend lines demonstrating
performance over time illustrated with Executive Dashboards.

OWT found that ICANN has performed well in comparison with other, similar
organizations, and they suggested some areas where ICANN accountability
could be improved. These recommendations will be considered in conjunction
with the recommendations<http://www.icann.org/en/about/aoc-review/atrt/final-recommendations-31dec13-en.pdf>[PDF,
3.46 MB] of the Accountability & Transparency Review Team (ATRT2) and
will be implemented, as appropriate.
 [image: Accountability Framework Graphical

Next steps will include a community briefing and discussion at the ICANN
Singapore meeting <http://singapore49.icann.org/en/> as part of the "Management
System Linkage<http://singapore49.icann.org/en/schedule/wed-executive-dashboard>"
session, and additional presentations and discussions, as needed, to gather
community input.

ICANN recognizes that this is the beginning of an improved process of
continuous improvement and evolution, and in line with OWT's
recommendation, staff will begin the implementation with a "pilot,"
including a selection of accountability metrics to illustrate reporting
mechanisms and to collect community feedback. Revisions will then be
considered and a long-term implementation plan developed.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and questions. Please send your
communications to *accountabilitymetrics at icann.org
<accountabilitymetrics at icann.org>*.

Community briefing and
ICANN Accountability & Transparency Metrics & Benchmarks at ICANN48 in
Buenos Aires, November 2013

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