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Houle Louis Louis.Houle at isocquebec.org
Mon Feb 10 12:52:46 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

When Alain got in touch with ISOC Quebec years ago to seek support for 
what would become NPOC, I discovered a person that was unique, who lived 
in my vicinity. Evan described his enormous legacy to our community. I 
would like to add that Alain was a gentleman, in every sense of the 
word. He has dedicated a great part of his life to  human kind. It was 
an honor for me to meet such a man on my road.
Au revoir Alain!

Louis Houle
Société Internet du Québec - ISOC Québec
Louis.Houle at isocquebec.org
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Le 2014-02-07 00:12, Evan Leibovitch a écrit :
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> Subject: Obituary Alain Berranger
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> Alain Berranger sadly passed away shortly before Christmas 2013 after a
> long illness.
> Within the GNSO he was better known as being the first elected Chair of
> ICANN's Not-For-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) from 2011
> when the Constituency was first formed, after ICANN 41 in Singapore, until
> July 2013. He was originally appointed as the Acting Vice-Chair in 2011,
> and later won the Constituency's first elections.
> He rose to the challenge successfully.  Today, NPOC is what it is because
> of Alain’s continuous effort to strengthen the Constituency. He truly
> believed in the key role Not-for-Profits should and could play in the GNSO
> and the ICANN ecosystem as a whole. He strove to strengthen its Executive
> Committee by recruiting new members and constantly encouraged them to
> contribute to the policy issues at hand. His commitment to the NPOC mission
> was reflected through the numerous Working Groups he joined and actively
> participated in while he was Chair.
> His professional achievements outside the GNSO are numerous.  After
> completing his Bachelors degree, he joined Noranda Inc. and then worked for
> Touche Ross Daihatsu, Tecsult, as well as for Dominion Bridge. Alain served
> as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee at the Global Knowledge
> Partnership foundation from 2009 to 2011, moving on to become a member of
> the Board. He was an Executive-in-residence at Schulich School of Business
> at York University in Toronto. Alain also filled the position of Vice Chair
> of the Canadian Foundation for the Americas for two years and from 1996 to
> 2006 he acted as Director of Partnerships and Business Development for the
> International Development Research Center of the Canadian Government.
> Much of his career was focused on international development. To that
> intent, he worked with aid agencies, management and engineering consulting
> firms, as well as with the private sector. He travelled extensively,
> undertaking assignments for Expedia in Mexico, Microsoft, the Omar Dengo
> Foundation and the CRUSA Foundation both in Costa Rica, UNDP in Egypt and
> Vietnam, the Chasquinet Foundation in Ecuador. He conducted training in
> strategic partnering and resource mobilization for civil society,
> foundations, government and development agencies.
> Whilst we deeply mourn his passing, we should remember that Alain gave us
> numerous reasons to be grateful and to celebrate his life. Alain was
> unique. He was at home on a Golf course, spending a lot of time spinning
> the balls and spinning the wheels of business, but he was equally at home
> everywhere in the world where those passed by economic developments needed
> support to get economic development going. As a pioneer, he bridged worlds,
> bravely he often performed tight rope acts to unite what seemingly did not
> belong together. To us he was always a reliable colleague whose friendship
> has made us better people and the world we inhabit a better place to be.
> Alain loved life and he loved to enjoy everything on offer but what made
> him so important was that he was equally prepared to put in the hard work
> that after completion makes achievements even sweeter. Alain has left his
> mark with everything he did. It remains for us to honor his life by
> continuing his legacy by taking what his life has taught us and to move
> forward with his spirit on our side.

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