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Alain Berranger sadly passed away shortly before Christmas 2013 after a
long illness.

Within the GNSO he was better known as being the first elected Chair of
ICANN's Not-For-Profit Operational Concerns Constituency (NPOC) from 2011
when the Constituency was first formed, after ICANN 41 in Singapore, until
July 2013. He was originally appointed as the Acting Vice-Chair in 2011,
and later won the Constituency's first elections.

He rose to the challenge successfully.  Today, NPOC is what it is because
of Alain’s continuous effort to strengthen the Constituency. He truly
believed in the key role Not-for-Profits should and could play in the GNSO
and the ICANN ecosystem as a whole. He strove to strengthen its Executive
Committee by recruiting new members and constantly encouraged them to
contribute to the policy issues at hand. His commitment to the NPOC mission
was reflected through the numerous Working Groups he joined and actively
participated in while he was Chair.

His professional achievements outside the GNSO are numerous.  After
completing his Bachelors degree, he joined Noranda Inc. and then worked for
Touche Ross Daihatsu, Tecsult, as well as for Dominion Bridge. Alain served
as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee at the Global Knowledge
Partnership foundation from 2009 to 2011, moving on to become a member of
the Board. He was an Executive-in-residence at Schulich School of Business
at York University in Toronto. Alain also filled the position of Vice Chair
of the Canadian Foundation for the Americas for two years and from 1996 to
2006 he acted as Director of Partnerships and Business Development for the
International Development Research Center of the Canadian Government.

Much of his career was focused on international development. To that
intent, he worked with aid agencies, management and engineering consulting
firms, as well as with the private sector. He travelled extensively,
undertaking assignments for Expedia in Mexico, Microsoft, the Omar Dengo
Foundation and the CRUSA Foundation both in Costa Rica, UNDP in Egypt and
Vietnam, the Chasquinet Foundation in Ecuador. He conducted training in
strategic partnering and resource mobilization for civil society,
foundations, government and development agencies.

Whilst we deeply mourn his passing, we should remember that Alain gave us
numerous reasons to be grateful and to celebrate his life. Alain was
unique. He was at home on a Golf course, spending a lot of time spinning
the balls and spinning the wheels of business, but he was equally at home
everywhere in the world where those passed by economic developments needed
support to get economic development going. As a pioneer, he bridged worlds,
bravely he often performed tight rope acts to unite what seemingly did not
belong together. To us he was always a reliable colleague whose friendship
has made us better people and the world we inhabit a better place to be.
Alain loved life and he loved to enjoy everything on offer but what made
him so important was that he was equally prepared to put in the hard work
that after completion makes achievements even sweeter. Alain has left his
mark with everything he did. It remains for us to honor his life by
continuing his legacy by taking what his life has taught us and to move
forward with his spirit on our side.

Evan Leibovitch
Toronto Canada

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