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Thu Jan 23 16:11:39 UTC 2014

Talking of 'cultural sensitivity' and being 'discriminate', two stories
from my life.

Years ago I worked for a German company in the United States. My then
supervisor was a Texan. Time came for review and promotion - a VP position
was - open. I ran the most successful and profitable unit. I was the
darling of the contracting office of the federal agency we did most of our
business; they especially liked my writing style.  So he denied me the
promotion because of 2 reasons, he said; I was kinda young and my writing
was 'too literate' for senior management. In his words I needed to write
for an 8th Grade audience, the level he thought corporate communications
should be pitched. A lot of them boasted 'advanced degrees'.

Second one.  Years ago I was sent to the Sloan School of Management to be
trained in corporate strategy. In a course on regulatory frameworks one of
the professors, an Argentinian, made references several times to Peronism.
I challenged him on one specific point. He was VERY surprised, moreso from
the direction it came.

I still remember him fondly for giving me this adage, accredited to
Sullivan.. 'form ever follows function'.


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On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 12:13 AM, Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro <
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> And, let's try to show the cultural sensitivity we all demand by limiting
> the references to specific bodies of religious text.
> [Sala: I would not call it religious text as it is historical :) Some
> historians say that it is the root of the current Palestinian -Israeli
> conflict. It is basic discourse in International Relations.  The use of the
> expression can be likened to the use of expressions such as "chilling" to
> mean "relaxing". There is no such thing as plain English as it continues to
> evolve. However, when someone uses an expression that others may not be
> familiar with, we simply inquire. In fact when we live in a global diverse
> context, we are all the more richer when we learn about "others'" systems
> and cultures etc. ]
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