[At-Large] REMOTE PARTICIPATION: Core Internet Values Workshop @IGF2013 11pm tonight EDT

Dr. Alejandro Pisanty Baruch apisan at unam.mx
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at the core of the Core Values session will be the analysis of how interoperability, end-to-end and openness have fared over the last year.

Attached is a summary of results from a poll/conversation that I conducted for this purpose, in order to give the session some structure. The speakers have already seen advances of this and George Sadowsky will most likely start the session with its discussion.

I hope that helps focus on some key issues.

Remember that the Core Values Dynamic Coalition and its workshops are intended to keep alive stewardship of the Internet as a functioning Internet, despite higher-layer agendas that may distort its character by for example attempting to place national boundaries and other non-standard behaviours.


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I haven't pushed the IGF this time round. I expect that everyone can make
their own way. But this workshop, as always ably organized by Sivasubramanian
Muthusamy of ISOC Chennai, is perhaps the ultimate indicator of the
spiritual health of the Internet. Last year, as the WCIT loomed, there was
a note of doom and gloom. This year, compromising surveillance is bound to
be a topic.

  joly posted: "At 11pm tonight NYC time today Wednesday 23 October 2013
the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet Values
will be held during the 7th Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia.
The objective of the dynamic coalition on Core In"
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At 11pm tonight NYC time today Wednesday 23 October 2013 the Fourth Annual
Meeting of the Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet
Values<http://coreinternetvalues.org/>will be held during the 7th
Internet Governance
Bali, Indonesia. The objective of the dynamic coalition on Core
Values is to debate and find answers to fundamental questions such as “What
is the Internet? What makes it what it is? What are its architectural
principles? What are the core principles and values? And what is happening
to the core values in the process of its evolution? What is it that needs
to be preserved and what changes are inevitable? Internet Hall of Famer
George Sadowsky will chair this year's event. Panelists are Jeremy Malcolm,
Senior Policy Officer, Consumers International; Alice Munyua, Chair, Kenya
Internet Governance Steering Committee; Alejandro Pisanty, Professor,
National Autonomous University of Mexico(by remote participation); Carolina
Rossini, Project Director, New American Foundation; and Hong Xue, Director,
Institute for Internet Policy and Law, Beijing Normal University. The
webcast will be available in six languages. There will be live text
transcription, and remote participation.

*What*: 4th Annual Dynamic Coalition on Core Internet
*Where*: Bali, Indonesia
*When*: Thursday 24 October 2013 1100-1230 WITA | 0300-0430 UTC | 2300-0030
EDT (Oct. 23)
*Webcast*: http://webcast.igf2013.or.id/#7
*Transcript*: http://www.streamtext.net/player?event=CFI-RPC7
*Twitter*: #coreinternetvalues<https://twitter.com/search?q=coreinternetvalues&src=typd&f=realtime>

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