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Thanks a lot Sala it is a great coverage will do my best to follow remotely.

On 20 Oct 2013 20:18, "Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro" <
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> Dear All,
> The Pre- Internet Governance Forum starts tomorrow. Remote participation is
> available over IPv6! :)
> To see the schedule for tomorrow's pre-IGF kindly visit:
> http://igf2013.or.id/preevent/
> Snippets from Today
> *At Large*
> It was great to see alot of the ALSes at the IGF. There was a fantastic
> opportunity in meeting some of the chapter representatives and inviting
> them to apply to join the At Large. I invited both ISOC Japan and ISOC
> Kenya and they have verbally confirmed that they would apply to be an ALS.
> It was also great to see At Large representative to the Board, Sebastien
> Bachollet and other ALSes here bringing colour and diversity to the IGF.
>  Natalia and I are here and we are expecting to see Olivier and Rinalia
> tomorrow. There are various ALS members who are
> facilitating/moderating/coordinating workshops at this year's IGF. Staff
> have organised the directory on the wiki so you can access and select which
> ones to attend. I would encourage the community to support each other by
> tweeting, remote attendance, blogging or attending in person and to spread
> ourselves across the different workshops.
> I would also encourage ALS members who are on site to use the opportunity
> when talking to organisations to consider joining the At Large community as
> an ALS.
> *Civil Society*
> I had wanted to attend the Best Bits meeting but could not find the hotel
> in which they were having the meeting and fatigue had set in from arriving
> a little past midnight. Norbert Bollow attended this meeting whilst I
> attended the ISOC sessions. Norbert will be attending the High Level
> Leaders meeting as an Observer and representing the Civil Society Internet
> Governance Caucus. Various civil society organisations also held their
> meetings. The IGC will host its meeting on Tuesday lunch time.
> Giganet starts tomorrow and promises to be exciting and for the full day.
> *Internet Society*
> Today, I attended a Workshop organised by the Chapters Division of ISOC for
> ISOC chapters which created the opportunity to meet other ISOC Chapter
> members and discuss various challenges, strengths and opportunities for
> growth and expansion for chapters. There was also substantial dialogue in
> terms of how Chapters can contribute to the dialogue on Internet Governance
> through meaningful participation and being relevant within their own local
> communities through engaging in strategic engagement on various levels -
> national, regional and global. There was also discussion on collaboration,
> enhanced cooperation and meaningful participation. The dialogue is expected
> to feed into the ISOC organised workshop during the IGF. |This was followed
> by drinks and dinner for attendees.
> *ICC Basis*
> ICC Basis also organised sessions for their constituents which is mainly
> private sector.
> *Government*
> The High Level Leaders meeting will start tomorrow and this is mainly for
> Government representatives, select Invitees and a handful of observers.
> Norbert Bollow will be officially attending as an Observer.
> *
> *
> *General Observations and Thoughts*
> Excitement is building up in Bali as civil society, private sector and
> public sector prepare to engage in the IGF which starts on Tuesday after
> tomorrow's Pre-IGF session. There was a call for policy questions to be
> addressed in this year's IGF. To see a condensed list of the policy
> questions that will be raised in the Workshops and various thematic
> sessions, visit:
> http://intgovforum.org/cms/Policy%20Questions%20to%20be%20addressed%20by%20the%202013%20IGF.pdf
> Today and tomorrow will be more or less utilized by stakeholders for
> preparing for engagement in the discussions in this year's IGF. This time
> last year, stakeholders were apprehensive about the WCIT discussions and
> outcomes. This year, there is a different type of excitement and
> nervousness as stakeholders discuss diverse aspects of enhanced cooperation
> in the face of an ongoing debate on multilateralism v multistakeholderism
> and philosphical confrontation in the wake of increasing calls for
> autonomy. This promises to be a very interesting IGF and whilst decisions
> are not made in IGFs, it acts as a social, economic, political barometer
> that stakeholders use to chart their strategies and effective participation
> within the IGF and other foras. For those who are not physically in Bali,
> remote participation is equal to participating onsite and your views will
> be heard if you raise them and they become part of the Transcripts as is
> the norm. It is even more important that you participate and air your views
> during the workshop and even as you tweet in real time, you are also
> enabling a much more broader discussion on the issues that have yet to
> unfold.
> *Social Media*
> The twitter #IGF2013 is being used.
> For those who are not used to tropical climate, it is advisable to increase
> your water intake to avoid dehydration.
> Kind Regards,
> Sala
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