[At-Large] Presentations Sunday and Monday

h.raiche at internode.on.net h.raiche at internode.on.net
Sun Jul 14 04:51:35 UTC 2013

 Hi Carlton (and Matt)(and everyone) 
 My strong suggestion is that we use both sets of slides that I did. 
The first set was a history of the RAA and Whois issues, including a 
run down of the documents passed by the Board at the end of June. At 
the end are issues that are still to be addressed. 
 For Monday, at whatever time we wind up with, do the EWG slides. 
After yesterday's GNSO meeting, it was clear from Michele's 
presentation that at least some of the registrars/registries wil 
oppose. What we as ALAC need to do is get our head around what is 
being proposed, support the concept (at least I believe so - but 
everyone needs to be convinced) and then highlight those issues that 
still need to be addressed. 
 Matt, I know you put my slides into ICANN template format, so you 
should have them somewhere. If not, I have them on my computer and a 
USB stick. The critical ones are for today. (and Matt- you owe me a 
 Carlton - I'll be having breakfast on the ground floor of the hotel 
(not the breakfast venue on the 2nd floor) and we need to chat about 
both today and tomorrow. 

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