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Wed Mar 27 17:26:20 UTC 2013

Caro Jose:
LACRALO not have a specific activity to share with the ICANN community but
our representatives will participate in most events as is our custom.
Nor, as I decided long ago, we will have our monthly meeting (April) as we
believe that the large number of activities that are in the meetings is very
difficult to accomplish especially when Icann meetings take place in a
different time zone as to our region. That's why the conference will be held
April 22 at 23UTC.
In particular, we will have LAC Strategy WG meeting and all ALAC activities
you are seeing on the agenda. We invite you to be part of them!
Regarding the WCIT and WSIS related to our region, we have seen such timely
topics in our monthly teleconferences..
We will be happy to find you in Beijing to talk about our region.
Best regards
Sylvia Herlein Leite

Sylvia Herlein
sylvia at internautabrasil.org
Secretaria LACRALO-ICANN/ 2012-2013 -  http://atlarge.icann.org
Secretaria FLUI 2009-2012

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I'm working on my personal interest agenda for ICANN46 and I don't found any
activity evolving LACRALO and/or Latin America, is real? We from LA have no
interest on any kind of debate on this meeting?

There was debates with APRALO (obviously), AFRARALO and NARALO, and nothing
with LACRALO and EURALO ? Nothing coming from WCIT and WSIS related to our

I'm new on ICANN, so I could be in a mistake, but this make me worry. 
Can you bring me some help?

João Carlos Caribé
Publicitário e Consultor de mídias sociais http://entropia.blog.br
caribe at entropia.blog.br twitter @caribe / skype joaocaribe
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